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Dr. Jamie Spangler appointed the Brody Faculty Scholar

December 4, 2020

The Brody Faculty Scholar award was established by Dr. Robert Seder, University trustee, and Ms. Deborah L. Harmon in 2008 in honor of Dr. William Brody’s contributions to the University and to support the finest young faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Faculty Scholars hold a five-year appointment, and the recipient will receive $20,000 […]

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Dr. Gracias takes inspiration from parasitic work for medicine delivery

November 30, 2020

  Inspired by a parasitic worm that digs its sharp teeth into its host’s intestines, Johns Hopkins researchers have designed tiny, star-shaped microdevices that can latch onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs into the body. Click here for the full story   Here are some other works from the Gracias lab:   Express (UK) December […]

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Johns Hopkins Welcomes Back Jude Phillip As New Faculty Member

August 25, 2020

        Aging happens to everyone. As birthdays come and go, we anticipate more gray hairs on our heads, wrinkles on our faces, and aches in our bodies. But there are other factors that influence aging than the number of birthdays that pass, such as genetics and socioeconomic status. And to Jude Phillip, […]

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Dr. Sharon Gerecht named the Edward J. Schaefer Professor in Engineering

July 16, 2020

We are pleased to share with you the news that Dr.Sharon Gerecht, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and the Kent Gordon Croft Investment Management Faculty Scholar, has been appointed the Edward J. Schaefer Professor in Engineering. The Schaefer Professorship, previously held by Professor Emeritus S. Rao Kosaraju, was endowed through the generosity of Mrs. […]

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Dr. Joelle Frechette promoted to full professor!

June 30, 2020

  It is with great pleasure to announce that the JHU Board of Trustees have formally approved Dr. Joelle Frechette’s promotion to full professor!  The departmental faculty, HAC, the President, and the Board of Trustees recognized Dr. Frechette’s impressively strong and diverse research program, as well as acknowledging her national and international leadership in the […]

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ChemBE’s Dr. Jamie Spangler selected as a 2020 Catalyst Award Recipient

June 17, 2020

  The Spangler lab leverages cutting-edge technologies in molecular design, structural biology, and immunology to elucidate the determinants of protein activity in order to inform targeted therapeutic development. We are particularly interested in engineering natural proteins such as growth factors, cytokines, and antibodies, to bias the immune response for targeted disease treatment. Building on biophysical […]

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ChemBE’s Dr. Jeff Gray wins the Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

May 27, 2020

This award honors those teachers, researchers, and administrators who have consistently supported the personal and professional development of their students. Read Dr. Gray’s statement on mentoring below.         Mentoring is arguably my most important and most rewarding responsibility as a professor. I find deep satisfaction in seeing people around me learn, grow, […]

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