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Vredenburg Travel Fund

The Vredenburg Travel Fund allows outstanding engineering students at Johns Hopkins the opportunity to apply their engineering, technology, and applied science skills and training in an international setting. The Fund encourages students to broaden their engineering experience by giving them the chance to participate in international experiential activities through collaboration, investigation, and application.

Current engineering SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS may apply to become Vredenburg recipients by proposing an international experience in the form of:

  • Research
  • Internship (paid or unpaid) OR
  • Service Project

(The Vredenburg Travel Fund does not cover traditional “study abroad” experiences.)

Projects will be funded to a maximum of $8,000; the typical range of the Vredenburg Travel Fund is between $5,500 and $6,500.  The Fund may be used to defray the costs of tuition, travel, living expenses, and other reasonable expenses associated with the international experience.  Financial need will not be a factor in selection of the scholars and funding of the proposals. However, students with demonstrated financial need may be eligible for an additional stipend.

The most competitive applications are typically completed in conjunction with a faculty member and aligned, at least in part, with an undergraduate research experience. Most civil engineering faculty members have collaborators at a variety of international institutions and these typically make the most productive hosts.

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Study Abroad (During Term)

For general information pertaining to study abroad, visit the Engineering Study Abroad page at the Office of Study Abroad.

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