Past Dissertations

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Wei Jiang, Machine Learning and Optimization for Healthcare and Energy Systems (Advisor:  Sauleh Siddiqui)

Hwanpyo Kim, Simulation of non-Gaussian/non-stationary stochastic processes: beyond second-order orthogonality (Advisor:  Michael Shields)

Davide Fratamico, Experiments, Analysis, and Design of Built-Up Cold-Formed Steel Columns (Advisor:  Ben Schafer)

Saranthip Koh, Topology Optimization Considering Constructability of Truss Structures and Manufacturability of Composite Components (Advisor:  Jamie Guest)

Josephine Carstensen, Topology Optimization Algorithms for Improved Manufacturability and Cellular Material Design (Advisor: Jamie Guest)

Abdullah Mahmoud, Analysis and Design of Spirally Welded Thin-Walled Steel Tapered Cylindrical Shells Under Bending with Application to Wind Turbine Towers (Advisor:  Ben Schafer)

Reza Yaghmaie, Multi-Temporal Multi-Physics Computational Framework For Fully Coupled Electric, Magnetic and Mechanical Systems With Evolving Damage (Advisor: Somnath Ghosh)

Sen Lin, System Dynamics and Agent-Based Models Applied to Public Health Problems (Advisor:  Tak Igusa)

Farah Huq, An Efficient Model for Predicting the Effect of Crack Coalescence on Dynamic Brittle Failure of Armor Ceramics (Advisor: Lori Graham-Brady)

Megan Boston, Building Resilience Through Design:  Improving Post-Earthquake Functionality of Hospitals (Advisor:  Judith Mitrani-Reiser)

Shu Guo, A Coupled Multi-physics Analysis Model for Integrating Transient Electro-Magnetics and Structural Dynamic Fields with Damage (Advisor:  Somnath Ghosh)

Xilei Zhao, Multi-Scale Community Resilience Modeling for Natural and Manmade Hazards (Advisor:  Judith Mitrani-Reiser)

Guanbo Bian, Modeling Cold-Formed Steel Members and Systems (Advisor:  Ben Schafer)

Jiaxi Zhang, Developing A Crack Propagation Model in the Metallic Materials from A Self-Consistent Coupled Atomistic-Continuum Model (Advisor: Somnath Ghosh)

Caitlin Jacques, Resilience of Healthcare in Disasters: A Systems Approach (Advisor: Judith Mitrani-Reiser)

Olufolajimi Oke, Network Modeling and Optimization for Energy and Sustainable Transit (Advisor: Sauleh Siddiqui)

Jiahao Cheng, Crystal Plasticity FE Models for Predicting Deformation and Twinning in Polycrystalline Magnesium Alloys (Advisor: Somnath Ghosh)

Yang Yang, Topology Optimization of Eigenvalue Problems with Applications to Phononic Crystals and Stochastic Dynamics (Advisor:  Jamie Guest)

Xi Zhao, Measurement and Application of Geometric Imperfections in Cold-Formed Steel Members (Advisor:  Ben Schafer)

Khatoon Melick, Systems Models for Promoting Regional Resilience towards Repeated Hurricane Events (Advisor:  Tak Igusa)

Junwei Liu, Micro-mechanical Modeling of Brittle Materials under Dynamic Compressive Loading (Advisor:  Lori Graham-Brady)

Andrew Gaynor, Topology Optimization Algorithms for Additive Manufacturing (Advisor: Jamie Guest)

Mu Zhu, Topology Optimization of Frame Structures: Design for Constructability and Stochastic Dynamic Loads (Advisor: Jamie Guest)

Jean Batista Abreu, Fire Performance of Cold-Formed Steel Walls (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Coleman Alleman, Distribution Enhanced Methods of Homogenization for Heterogeneous Materials and Multi-scale Crystal Plasticity Modeling (Advisor: Somnath Ghosh)

Jizhen Leng, Simulation of Cold-Formed Steel Structures (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Reza Lotfi, Topology Optimization under Nonlinear Mechanics  (Advisor: Jamie Guest)

Matthew Stehman, Advances in Shake Table Control and Substructure Shake Table Testing (Advisor: Naru Nakata)

Kara Peterman, Behavior of Full-Scale Cold-Formed Steel Buildings under Seismic Excitations (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Nourah Almashan, Laboratory Experiments of Wave Attenuation by Mud (Advisor Robert Dalrymple)

Cynthia Katcoff, Modeling High-Strain-Rate Loading in Brittle Materials with a Self-Consistent Model Focused on Circular Voids  (Advisor: Lori Graham-Brady)

Younes Nouri, Experimental Study of Water Wave Interactions with a Layer of Mud (Advisor: Robert Dalrymple)

Yi Liu, Numerical study of strong free surface flow and breaking waves (Advisor: Lian Shen)

Varjola Nelko, Prediction of Rip Currents (Advisor: Robert Dalrymple)

Xin Guo, Numerical Simulation of Free Surface Turbulence (Advisor: Lian Shen)

Hamid Reza Khakpour, Statistics and Turbulent Structures of Passive Scalar Transport in Free Surface Flows (Advisor: Lian Shen)

Zhanjie Li, Finite strip modeling of thin-walled members (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Vahid Zeinoddini Meimand, Geometric imperfections in cold-formed steel members (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Alireza Asadpoure, Topology optimization under stochastic stiffness (Advisor: Jamie Guest)

Luiz Vieira, Behavior and Design of Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Stud Walls under Compression (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Yared Shifferaw Bayleyegn, Section capacity of cold-formed steel members by the Direct Strength Method (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Mina S. Seif, Cross-sectional Stability of Structural Steel (Advisor: Ben Schafer)

Di Yang, Numerical Study of Turbulence over Various Waving Boundaries (Advisor: Lian Shen)

Arghavan Louhghalam, Analytical Studies of Vibrations in Passenger Cars of High Speed Trains (Advisor: Tak Igusa)

Alireza Kermani, Numerical study of turbulence and scalar transport process in free-surface and multi-phase flows (Advisor: Lian Shen)


Lucas Tadeu Barroso de Melo, Rotational Kinematic Hardening Model for Sand Behavior.(Advisor: Poul Lade)
Therese Park McAllister, Assessing the Reliability of Highly Redundant Welded Steel Frame Structures. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Liangzhi You, Limit Loads on Soil Media and Collapse of Soil Slopes. (Advisor: Radoslaw L. Michalowski)


Song Du, Efficiency of Simulation-based SFE Structural Analysis: Modeling and Solution Issues. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Jun Guo, Modeling the Mechanical Interaction between FRP Bars and Concrete. (Advisor: James V. Cox)
Patrick J. Hudson, Wave-Induced Migration of Grounded Ships. (Advisor: Michael McCormick)
David Robert Burke Kraemer, The Motions of Hinged-Barge Systems in Regular Seas. (Advisor: Michael McCormick)
Carl Donald Liggio, Jr., Experimental Study and Modeling of Instability and Time Effects on Granular Materials. (Advisor: Poul Lade)
Dennis M. McCann, The Value of Information in Structural Performance Assessment. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Zhou Wang, Computational Model of Interacting Suspensions at Low Reynolds Number in the Presence of External Fields. (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)
Hailing Yu, Analytical and Computational Modeling of the Mechanical Interlocking between Steel/FRP Reinforcing Bars and Concrete. (Advisor: James V. Cox)


Andrei Abelev, Cross-Anisotropic Behavior of Granular Materials under Three- Dimensional Loading Conditions. (Advisor: Poul Lade)
Bernard M. Hayek, Resource Allocation for Complex Systems in the Presence of Uncertainty. (Advisor: Roger Ghanem
Joseph A. Main, Modeling the Vibrations of a Stay Cable with Attached Damper. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Paulos B. Tekie, Fragility Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Manchun Yao, Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method Analysis of Cohesive Soil. (Advisor: Annalingam Anandarajah)


Jinsuo Nie, A New Directional Method to Assess Structural System Reliability in the Context of Performance-based Design. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Manuel F. Pellissetti, On Estimating the Error in Stochastic Model-Based Predictions. (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)


Cheng YuDistortional Buckling of Cold-Formed Steel Members in Bending (Advisor: Ben Schafer)
Carol Hayek, Portfolio Optimization and Value of Information for Catastrophe Insurance (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)
Zailong Wan,Optimization Using Noisy Simulations: Trust Region, Surrogate Surface, and Adaptive Sampling(Advisor: Takeru Igusa)
Yu ZouEquation-Free Particle-Based Computations in Multiple Dimensions and Multiscale Data Assimilations with the Ensemble Kalman Filter (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)
Jianxu ShiStochastic Modeling of Materials with Complex Microstructure (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)
Asher Peltz, Numerical Study of the Effect of Dredge Pits on Nearshore Circulation (Advisor: Robert A. Dalrymple)
Ender Ozkan, Evaluation of Response Prediction Methodology For Long-Span Bridges Using Full-Scale Measurements (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Stephen G. Buonopane, Reliability and Bayesian Approaches to the Probabilistic Performance Based Design of Structures (Advisor: Takeru Igusa)
William P. Fritz, Period and Damping Selection for the Design and Analysis of Building Structures (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Haoyang Liu, Bayesian classifiers for uncertainty modeling with applications to global optimization and solid mechanics problems (Advisor: Takeru Igusa)
Alain Matta, Numerical Simulation and Uncertainty Quantification in Microfluidic Systems (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)


Debraj GhoshOn the Characterization and Analysis of the Random Eigenvalue Problem (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)
Fernando Ferrante, A Probabilistic Micromechanical-Based Approach to the Analysis of Statistically Inhomogeneous Random Media (Advisor: Lori Brady)
DeLong ZuoUnderstanding Wind and Rain-Wind-Induced Stay Cable Vibrations (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)


Rachel SangreeCovered Wooden Bridges: An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of System and Component Behavior (Advisor: Ben Schafer)
Alireza DoostanProbabilistic Construction and Numerical Analysis of Verification and Validation in Predictive Science (Advisors: Roger Ghanem/Amy Rechenmacher)
Zenon Medina-Cetina, Probabilistic Calibration of a Soil Model (Advisor: Roger Ghanem/Amy Rechenmacher)
Shan Zou, Coastal Sediment Transport Simulation By Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (Advisor: Robert A. Dalrymple)


Aaron LazarusDevelopment and Optimization of a Shape Memory Alloy Wave Energy Dissipation System for Offshore Applications (Advisor: Mike McCormick)


Cristopher Moen, Direct Strength Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members with Perforations, (Advisor: Ben Schafer)
Muthukumar Narayanaswamy (Advisor: Robert A. Dalrymple)
Libin TanThe Classification and Evolution of Local Features in the Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media (Advisor: Sanjay Arwade)
Mazdak Tootkaboni, Stochastic Modeling of Structural Behavior Stability, Effective Properties and Dynamic Response(Advisor: Lori Graham-Brady)


Katherine ActonModeling Elasto-Plastic Composite Material Behavior by Meso-Scale Homogenization (Advisor: Lori Graham-Brady)


Akbora, Baha Aydin, Computational Methods in Optimization of Structural Frames under Multiple Stress Constraints. (Advisors: Ross B. Corotis and J. Hugh Ellis)
Choudhury, Golam Sayeed, Data Collection Forms and Methodology for Post-earthquake Survey of Buildings and Casualties. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Kumarasena, Thusitha, Wind Response Prediction of Long-Span Bridges. (Advisor: Robert H. Scanlan)
Lu, Ning, “Numerical Study of the Electrical Double-Layer Repulsion Between Non-parallel Clay Particles of Finite Length”.
Rao, Gorti Sreenivasa, A Graphical Surface-Navigation Technique for Multi-objective Programming Problems. (Advisor: G. Robert Morris)
Srinivasan-Iyengar, Mukund, Critical Excitations of Structural Systems. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)


Kesavanathan, Sivakolunthunathan,Radiation Boundary for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis in Time Domain. (Advisor: Annalingam Anandarajah)
Lu, Ning,Numerical Study of the Electrical Double-Layer Repulsion Between Nonparallel Clay Particles of Finite Length. (Advisor: Annalingam Anandarajah)
O’Connor, Jennifer Mary,Analysis of Site-dependent Effects on the Nonlinear Response of Structural Systems subjected to Seismic Loading. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Rosowsky, David Victor,Stochastic Damage Accumulation and Probabilistic Codified Design for Wood. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Shenton III, Harry Wroth,Response of Rigid Bodies to Base Excitation. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Zimmerman, James Joseph,Analysis of Structural System Reliability with Stochastic Programming. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)


Goswami, Indranil,Vortex-Induced Vibration of Circular Cylinders. (Advisors: Nicholas P. Jones and Robert H. Scanlan)
May, Bennett Scott, Preliminary Study of the Pointing Control System for the Next Generation Space Telescope. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)


Bambot, Zoher,Development of an Object-Oriented Program for Finite Element Self-Adaptive Mesh Refinement. (Advisor: Martin Ramirez)
Brar, Pavit S., A Neural Network Approach for Finite Element Domain Decomposition. (Advisor: Martin Ramirez)
Cross, William Bradford, Analysis of the Seismic Performance of Connections in Historic Unreinforced Masonry Buildings. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Mori, Yasuhiro,Reliability-based Condition Assessment and Life Prediction of Concrete Structures. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Mouring, Sarah Elizabeth,Dynamic Response of Floor Systems to Building Occupant Activities. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Sarkar, Partha Pratim,New Identification Methods Applied to the Response of Flexible Bridges to Wind. (Advisors: Nicholas P. Jones and Robert H. Scanlan)


Dix, Amelia Jo, Ambient Vibration Survey and Finite Element Analysis of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Tao, Zongwei, Reliability-based Structural Optimization with Markov Decision Processes. (Advisors: Ross B. Corotis and J. Hugh Ellis)
Wang, Wei,Structural System Reliability: A Study of Several Important Issues. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)


Shi, Tinghui,Identification of System Characteristics and Random Excitation from Output Measurements. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Zhang, Jun,Stochastic Finite Element Method-based Structural Analysis and Reliability Assessment. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Zhao, Aigen,Failure Criteria for Reinforced Soils and Analysis of Reinforced Soil Structures. (Advisor: Radoslaw L. Michalowski)
Zhou, Ye, Development of a Database of Aeroelastic and Aerodynamic Parameters for Long-Span Bridges. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)


Chen, Jianhua,Physico-Chemical Analysis of Contaminated Clays. (Advisor: Annalingam Anandarajah)
Gupta, Sanjeev,Frontiers in High Performance Computing in Finite Element Analysis. (Advisor: Martin Ramirez)
Jiang, Mingxiang, Partially Observable Markov Decision Process Models for Structural Management Policies and Design. (Advisors: Ross B. Corotis and J. Hugh Ellis)
Kuganenthira, Nagamuthu,Experimental Study of Fabric Anisotropy of Soils During One Dimensional and Triaxial Loading. (Advisor: Annalingam Anandarajah)
Lewis, William Ralph, Dynamic Response of the Head in Boxing: Development of an Instrumental Helmet for Impact Measurements. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Liu, Anqi,Global Loss Estimation in Earthquakes. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Makode, Prafulla Vinayakrao, Nonlinear Analysis of Frame Structures by Pseudo Distortions. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)
Zhao, Dong, Experimental Study of Stress-Strain and Shear Strength Behavior of Contaminated Cohesive Soils. (Advisor: Annalingam Anandarajah)


Bhattacharya, Baidurya,A Damage Mechanics Based Approach to Structural Deterioration and Reliability. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Jain, Anurag, Multi-Mode Aeroelastic and Aerodynamic Analysis of Long-Span Bridges. (Advisors: Nicholas P. Jones and Robert H. Scanlan)
Katsuchi, Hiroshi, An Analytical Study on Flutter and Buffeting of The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Koskisto, Osmo Juhani,Reliability-based Optimization of Plant Precast Concrete Building Systems, (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Romeo, Francesco, A Characterization of Dynamical Systems Using Wavelets. (Advisor: Roger Ghanem)
Shi, Lei, Failure Loads on Layered Soils and Mechanisms of Collapse. (Advisor: Radoslaw L. Michalowski)
Singh, Lakshmeshwar,Experimental Determination of Aeroelastic and Aerodynamic Parameters of Long-Span Bridges. (Advisors: Nicholas P. Jones and Robert H. Scanlan)


Brar, Pavit Singh,Numerical Calculation of Bluff Body Flutter Derivatives via Computational Fluid Dynamics. (Advisor: Robert H. Scanlan)
Cermak, Jan,Limit Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Granular Soils. (Advisor: Radoslaw L. Michalowski)
Klaes, Jennafer, Regional Seismic Risk Analysis for Multi-Story Structures. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Pan, Kai, System and Excitation of Indentification for Large Structures. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Song, Jianlin,Seismic Reliability Evaluation of Steel Frames with Damaged Welded Connections. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)
Zheng, Ruohua,Stochastic Fatigue Crack Growth I Steel Structures Subjected to Random Loading. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)


Pettit, Jr., Chris Leroy, Wavelet Analysis and Multi-Scale Pattern Classification in Wind Engineering. (Advisor: Nicholas P. Jones)
Wang, Qiong, Experimental Study of Necking, Shear Banding and Failure in Granular Materials under Three Dimensional Stress Conditions. (Advisor: Poul Lade)


Artuso, Ralph, Earthquake Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants. (Advisor: Samaan Ladkany)
Merrell, Linda Keiko-Yamane, Modern Culvert Design: Predicting Performance


Cruz, Gilbert R., Dynamic Analysis of Short-Length Gravity Dams. (Advisor: A.A. Rashed)


Boussouf, Mostefa Djamel,Stiffened and Prestressed Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)
Lin, Tzyy Shan,Load Space Formulation of Reliability for Nonlinear Random Structural Systems. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)
Tallin, Andrew Gordon,Wind Induced Motion of Tall Buildings. (Advisor: Bruce Ellingwood)


Huston, Dryver Roy, The Effect of Upstream Gusting on the Aeroelastic Behavior of Long Suspended-Span Bridges.
IsraelMorris S., Probabilistic Basis of Partial Resistance Factors for Use in Concrete Design.
Soltani, Mehrdad, Reliability of Random Systems and Failure Cost Design. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)


Kandasamy, Kumarasamy,Three-Dimensional Dynamic Analysis of Gravity Dam and Reservoir Systems. (Advisor: Ahmed Rashed)
Kandasamy, Vasantha A., Aspects of the Natural Wind Conditions at the Golden Gate Bridge. (Advisor: Robert H. Scanlan)
Meda, Venkatakrishna R., A Fully-Integrated General Finite Element for Think and Layered Plates. 
Nafday, Avinash Madhukar, Extremum Methods of Structural Analysis for System Reliability Assessment. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)
Nykyforchyn, Deborah L., Stability Analysis of the Slope of an Embankment Constructed at Washington National Airport. (Advisor: Robert Henke)


Agarwal, Deepak, In Situ Calibration of Constitutive Models – Preliminary Feasibility Study. (Advisor: A. Anandarajah)
Chirikjian, Gregory S., Lagrangian Formulation of Dynamical Equations Governing Appendage Deployment from Spacecraft.
Cook, Graham Ross, The Lighthill Correction to the Morison Equation. (Advisor: Emil Simiu)
Sutjahjo, Edhi,Shell Finite Element Kinematics for Improved Bending, Membrane and Transverse Shear Behavior. (Advisor: G. Robert Morris)


Ehsan, Fazl,The Vortex-Induced Response of Long, Suspended-Span Bridges. (Advisor: Robert H. Scanlan)
Islam, Md. Saiful,Modal Coupling and Wind-Induced Vibration of Tall Buildings. (Advisors: Bruce Ellingwood and Ross B. Corotis)
Wang, Tsau Yueh,Load Path Dependence in Structural Frames Subjected to Fluctuating Forces. (Advisor: Ross B. Corotis)



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