PhD Requirements

There are a number of Whiting School of Engineering policies related to Ph.D. students, which are listed here. Ph.D. student requirements for the department include:

*All courses must be completed with a grade of B or better. All courses must be at the 600- or 700- level.


Typical Timeline for Ph.D. Students

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Year 1 Fall:


Year 1 Intersession:


Year 1 Spring:

  • Second semester coursework and research


Year 1 Summer:

  • Research


Year 2 Fall:


Year 2 Intersession:


Year 2 Spring:

  • Research
  • Coursework


Year 2 Summer:

  • Research


Year 3:


Year 4 and Beyond:


Final semester:


Note:  Teaching assistant duties may also be assigned during one or more semesters.

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