M.S.E Requirements – Systems Engineering

Effective Summer, 2020

Consistent with the Civil Engineering MSE degree offered out of CaSE, a total of eight (8) courses must be taken and approved by the advisor. Three (3) courses must be taken from the following “required core courses” list. Courses not on the list may be requested for substitution at the advisor’s discretion. The remaining five (5) courses are elective and must be approved by the advisor. A list of possible elective courses is found below. One of the 8 courses can be a professional development class, such as those offered from the Center for Leadership Education.


Requirements for M.S.E. in Systems Engineering 

The most common path for M.S.E. graduate students is to complete the degree through coursework alone. The M.S.E. degree requirements are as follows*:

  1. Minimum course requirements: 8 courses** at the 600-level or above:
    • 3 of which must be from the following list (Substitute courses can be considered at the advisors discretion):
      • EN.560.653 An Introduction to Network Modeling

      • EN.560.618 Probabilistic Methods in Civil Engineering and Mechanics

      • EN.553.613 Applied Statistics and Data Analysis

      • EN.553.636 Introduction to Data Science

      • EN.553.761 Nonlinear Optimization I

      • EN.601.633 Intro Algorithms

      • EN.601.675 Machine Learning

    • 5 of which are elective 
  1. Required courses, but do not count towards minimum course requirements:
    • Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar – Fall semester – EN.560.691
    • Civil Engineering Graduate Seminar – Spring semester – EN.560.692
    • Academic Ethics short course EN.500.603
    • Responsible Conduct of Research short course: AS.360.624 or AS.360.625
  2. Acceptable grades: B- and above. Only one course with a grade lower than B- is allowed toward the degree requirements. No grade lower than a C- may be counted toward the course requirements.
  3. First three semesters must be full-time. The fourth semester can be part-time.*** It is expected that the degree will be completed in one year with the student enrolling in 4 courses per semester, although in select cases students may require a third semester of study
  4. CPT internship credits for international students do not count toward the completion of a M.S.E. degree
  5. Externship
  6. Transfer credits are not permitted

*Students must comply with all requirements stipulated by the Whiting School of Engineering Academic Policies and Procedures as outlined at https://engineering.jhu.edu/graduate-studies/academic-policies-procedures-graduate/.

**Academic advisors, in consultation with the faculty in the department, will determine whether the 8 courses leading to this degree are appropriate and if they have been completed satisfactorily.

***See the department Sr. Academic Program Coordinator or Director of Graduate Studies to determine if you are eligible for part-time status.

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