Civil and Systems Engineering Graduate Association (CSEGA)

The Civil and Systems Engineering Graduate Association (formerly the Civil Engineering Graduate Association – CEGA) is the representative organization for Civil and Systems Engineering graduate students. Members of the E-Board act as liaisons between graduate students and administration to advocate for graduate student needs and we host different types of social events throughout the year for graduate students. The goal of the CSEGA is to enhance graduate student life and provide more student representation in the department’s functions and activities. With the current changes in academic activities and restrictions in large group gatherings, CSEGA is working on new and innovative ideas to achieve these goals. Click the icon below to learn more!

CSEGA Board 2020-2021

President: Ashwini Gupta <[email protected]>
Secretary: Qi Tong <[email protected]>
Treasurer: Michael Vladimirov <[email protected]>
Social Coordinator: Noah Wade  <[email protected]>
GRO Representative-1: Rahul Meena <[email protected]>
GRO Representative-2: Hongru Du <[email protected]>
Academic Coordinator: Kishore Appunhi Nair <[email protected]>
EERI President: Xia Yan <[email protected]>

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