Centennial Symposium

Johns Hopkins University

A Century of Civil Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University: 1913-2013

In his 1876 inaugural address as president of Johns Hopkins University, Daniel Coit Gilman cited the need, in well-populated areas, for civic or municipal engineers. Indeed, in the decades that followed, the country experienced a transformation from an agrarian to an industrial society. The waves of immigrants, rise of a prosperous middle class, and mass production of the automobile all taxed the existing infrastructure. The need for a large cadre of college-trained engineers who could address immediately the technological requirements of a growing nation was all too evident. Read More

On October 17, 2012 the department had its Centennial Symposium, as one of many Whiting School of Engineering events commemorating 100 years of engineering at Johns Hopkins. Some of the special moments have been captured in the pictures below.

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