Welcome to the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering!

We have undergone some very exciting changes in our department. The Johns Hopkins Department of Civil Engineering (CE) has formally become the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering (CaSE). Bolstered by unanimous support from our faculty and with significant support from the Whiting School of Engineering leadership, this evolution honors our department’s past and preserves its strengths, while also reflecting our continued commitment to pushing the frontiers of civil engineering research and education.

This decision follows careful and thoughtful discussions, during which we thought about how best to prepare our students to tackle the major complex challenges that society faces in the coming decades. It is clear that these challenges cannot be addressed through compartmentalized knowledge that provides solutions only for specific physical components of our infrastructure. Instead, civil engineers must partner with systems engineers to address the intertwined engineering and sociotechnical structures that enable a thriving society. Our academics and research will be outward-facing, recognizing that the infrastructure of our communities is defined not only by the built environment, but also by how that built environment interacts with its inhabitants and the societal systems it supports. We call this vision “Civilization Engineered”.

The new department comprises the current faculty, staff, and students from CE, and I will continue to serve as chair. Civil engineering degree programs currently offered at all levels will remain in place, and the department is currently seeking approval for adding an additional set of systems engineering degrees. The two degree tracks will be tightly  integrated with each other, with significant flexibility to allow students to explore approaches and possible solutions to societal grand challenges.  Once in place, the systems engineering degrees will also complement the part-time Masters in Systems Engineering degree that is part of the Whiting School’s Engineering for Professionals program.

The creation of CaSE will lead to increased interdisciplinary partnerships both within Johns Hopkins and with outside local and global organizations. We also anticipate growth in the number of both faculty and students. To us, the creation of CaSE much more than just a name change. It reflects a broadening commitment to tackling problems that go beyond built infrastructure and include the communications, energy, transportation, health, and other systems that are all part of the larger “system” in which we live.

Thank you for visiting the CaSE website. This has been a tremendously energizing time for all of us here. I hope you will continue to explore our department’s many offerings and that you will engage with us if you have any questions or want to get more information.


Lori Graham-Brady
Professor and Chair, Civil and Systems Engineering

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