Vision & Mission


The department aspires to be a collaborative hub where leading civil engineering research is cross-fertilized with research from other fields to meet society’s need for improved safety, security, and resiliency of an increasingly fragile and complex infrastructure, under evolving natural and man-made hazards.


Research Mission

The department’s mission is to build the knowledge and tools that will enable civil engineering to move away from empirical ad hoc approaches into strategies based on scientifically grounded analysis. Rooted in fundamental mechanics, systems thinking, advanced computational methods and uncertainty quantification, these strategies will successfully navigate the conflicting objectives inherent in addressing grand societal challenges, such as resilient cities, human safety and security, space exploration and habitation, decision-making and health, and future energy infrastructure.

Provide knowledge and tools that enable civil engineering to evolve away from empirical ad hoc approaches into strategies based on scientifically grounded analysis, using fundamental mechanics, integrating uncertainty, and navigating the conflicting objectives inherent in successful civil engineering design.

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Educational Mission

Inspire the leaders of tomorrow to take on the challenge of creating and sustaining the built environment that underpins society. Enable these leaders with fundamental engineering knowledge, a broad set of skills, and an inquisitive attitude. In partnership with the many disciplines that comprise the civil engineering field, and in the face of uncertain information, as well as ever-changing needs, risks, and constraints – create engineers who successfully adapt and innovate solutions for the built environment.

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