Post-Doctoral Positions

We invite applications for POST-DOCTORAL SCIENTISTS to develop and employ novel engineering and optical tools for the investigation and diagnosis of a wide array of health disorders with focused applications in diabetes monitoring and early stage cancer assessment.

The main goal of this research project is to enable real-time, label-free and specific measurement of biomarkers in blood and tissue matrices. Such a technology will be of high value for diabetes management as well as for very early stage cancer detection that can significantly enhance the diagnostic information content of existing biopsy and excision procedures. This project primarily involves:
(I) design and development of cutting-edge optical and spectroscopic instrumentation including Raman, fluorescence and reflectance modalities,
(II) chemometrics for information extraction from complex spectra, &
(III) testing and application of new approaches in laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical settings.
Candidate will be expected to lead biological tissue testing efforts, which will require the strict observance of biohazard safety procedures. Responsibilities will include communicating results to the scientific community through high impact publications and presentations.

Candidates in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and related disciplines are invited to apply to fill the post-doctoral position. We seek a creative, motivated and well-organized individual who is ready to meet the challenges of a highly multidisciplinary and multifaceted experimental project and who will work productively both independently and with others. Knowledge of optical instrumentation and system design, hands-on experimental expertise and familiarity with spectroscopic tools is required. A basic understanding of biological sciences and experience with cell culturing is desirable, as are familiarity with LabVIEW and Matlab software.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and names and contact information of three references to Prof. Ishan Barman as soon as possible.

Graduate Student Positions

We plan to add 1-2 graduate students per year for research in the fields of biomechanics, biophotonics, microfluidics and clinical diagnostics. Prospective graduate students interested in admission for the Fall 2014 semester are required to submit a complete official application for consideration by the ME Department.

We want to grow our team by taking on creative, driven students with a love for performing cutting edge research. Our approach is to focus on tailored projects that have thepotential for innovative growth based on an individual’s initiative and competency in theoretical, analytical and experimental aspects. Given our diverse research interests, students from varied undergraduate fields of study are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in working in the Barman Laboratory, please ensure that you explicitly state your interest in doing so and your reasons for the same in your written statement.