News Archive

Feb 2017: Raman spectroscopy and metabolomics sheds light on tissue-specific adaptations in isogenic metastatic cell lines – new article in Oncotarget. Congratulations to Chi and our collaborators!

Jan 2017: Our review article detailing the advances in noninvasive blood glucose detection with Raman spectroscopy is published in Accounts of Chemical Research.

Dec 2016: Our article on the combined application of SERS and light sheet microscopy is accepted in ChemPhysChem. It is also featured on the journal back cover. Congratulations team!

Nov 2016: Vibrational spectroscopic imaging reveals stromal adaptations in the pre-metastatic niche. Our findings are published in Cancer Research. Huge congratulations to Santosh and our collaborators!

Nov 2016: Ishan receives the Maryland Outstanding Young Engineer (OYE) award!

Sept 2016: Ishan chairs a session on “Decoding Circulating Biomarkers with Spectroscopy: Next Generation Assays” and delivers an invited talk on real time isomer fingerprinting with LIBS at the SCIX meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

July 2016: Our work with the Pomper lab on development of targeted ultrahigh affinity plasmonic nanoplexes for prostate cancer detection is published in Chemical Science. Congratulations to Ming and our collaborators!

June 2016: Nico Mesyngier, rising Penn State senior, joins our lab as an INBT REU summer intern to work on microcystin detection by engineering a dual-modality spectroscopic sensor. Welcome, Nico!

April 2016: Label-free Raman spectroscopy offers rapid identification of biotherapeutics – new article in Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations to Santosh, Soumik and our collaborators at MedImmune!

February 2016: Our investigation on the role of trehalose microenvironment in the preferential endocytic uptake of plasmonic nanoparticles is published in Chemical Science. Huge congratulations to Soumik, Chao and team!

January 2016: New article on “Noninvasive detection of inflammatory changes in white adipose tissue by label-free Raman spectroscopy” accepted in Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations to Chi and our collaborators esp. Dr. Abigail Haka!

December 2015: Zufang Huang joins the lab as a CSC postdoctoral fellow to investigate platelet activation and hematological disorders. Welcome on board, Zufang!

November 2015: Ishan speaks on “Decoding breast cancer with Raman spectroscopy – from molecular to tissue level” at the Departmental Seminar in Chemistry at the University of Texas, Arlington.

October 2015: Article on algae-derived route to biogenic silver nanoparticles is published in Langmuir. Congratulations to Ram and team!

September 2015: New article exploring shell-isolated nanoparticle-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SHINERS) for detection of breast lesions accepted in Nanoscale. Congratulations to Chao, Santosh and our collaborators!

August 2015: Our study on trehalose mediated inhibition of protein aggregation in the nanoparticle milieu accepted in Soft Matter. Congratulations to Soumik!

July 2015: Three new articles accepted: Molecular pathology differentiation in middle ear lesions (Scientific Reports); Feature selection in LIBS for explosive detection (Scientific Reports); & Engineering biogenic nanoparticles (WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology). Congratulations to Santosh, Chi and Ram!

June 2015: The Barman Lab, in collaboration with the Preheim and Young groups, is awarded a JHU Water Institute Seed Grant on “Identifying the source and triggers of microcystin production in natural waters”.

June 2015: Ishan speaks on “Sensing the molecular pathology of cancer with Raman spectroscopy” in the Raman auditorium at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, India.

April 2015: New article on “Multiplexed detection of serological cancer markers with plasmon-enhanced Raman spectro-immunoassay” accepted in Chemical Science. Huge congratulations to Ming and team!

March 2015: Article on “Raman spectroscopic sensing of carbonate intercalation in breast microcalcifications at stereotactic biopsy” accepted to Scientific Reports. Congratulations Satya, Maryann and team!

March 2015: Ishan gives invited talks at the Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground and at the PITTCON meeting in New Orleans on clinical translation opportunities for Raman spectroscopy and a rational design framework for SERS tags targeted for biomolecular sensing.

February 2015: Our work on multi-color reflectance imaging of middle ear pathology in vivo is accepted in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry and the reflectance otoscopy images makes it to the journal front cover! Great work, Tulio and team.

January 2015: Ishan speaks on “Discerning the molecular pathology of cancers with quantitative optical spectroscopy” at the U Conn Health Center, Hartford, CT.

December 2014: Congratulations to Santosh Paidi for being selected for the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference Student Fellowship 2015.

November 2014: Article exploring the extinction-enhancement duality in gold nanostar-enhanced Raman spectroscopy is accepted in Angewandte Chemie Intl. Ed. Huge congratulations to Ming and team!

October 2014: New spectroscopic approach for dynamic bioanalyte tracking with minimal concentration information accepted for publication in Scientific Reports.

October 2014:: Ishan chairs a session on “Synergistic use of plasmonics and vibronic spectroscopy to combat cancer” and delivers invited talks on Raman spectroscopy-based cancer diagnostics and LIBS-based pharmaceutical counterfeit detection at the SciX meeting in Reno.

October 2014: Congratulations to Ming Li for being selected for the Tony B. Academic Travel Award by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening and as an Overseas Talent for the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

September 2014: The Barman Lab is awarded a $525K grant by MedImmune, Inc. to develop Raman spectroscopy as a real-time, non-destructive tool for identification of drug products.

September 2014: Paper detailing a novel multi-wavelength fluorescence otoscope for video-rate chemical imaging of middle ear pathology is published in Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations team!

September 2014: Article describing the emerging trends in long-term glycemic marker detection using direct optical spectroscopy accepted in Trends in Analytical Chemistry.

August 2014: Our work on “Dynamics of multiple carbon nanotube derivate species via confocal Raman imaging of live cells” is selected as a finalist for the prestigious FACSS Innovation Award.

July 2014: Technology Review features our laboratory’s work in highlighting the challenges and prospects of non-invasive blood glucose sensing.

July 2014: Santosh Paidi joins the Barman lab as a new doctoral student in ME. Chao Zheng also joins the lab as a CSC Fellow from Sept. 2014 to investigate the pathogenesis and role of microcalcifications in breast cancer. Welcome on board, Santosh and Chao!

July 2014: Article on demonstration of non-gated LIBS as a powerful segmentation tool accepted in PLOS ONE. Congratulations team!

June 2014: Ishan is invited as a visiting professor to the Gdansk University of Technology, Poland from June 1-15, 2014. Also delivers an invited talk on “Visualizing molecular pathology of cancers” at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

May 2014: Ishan receives a joint appointment in the Department of Oncology @ Johns Hopkins University.

May 2014: Dr. Ram Prasad receives the prestigious American Cancer Society Beginning Investigators Fellowship to work on ovarian cancer diagnosis. He will be joining the lab in September 2014. Congratulations and welcome aboard, Ram!

April 2014: Ishan gives a plenary session lecture on ”Shedding new light on human health” in Phoenix, AZ at the annual ASLMS meeting.