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    1. Leveraging coffee ring effect on plasmonic paper substrate for sensitive analyte detection using Raman spectroscopy
      Huang Z, Nagpal A, Siddhanta S, Barman I
      Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, DOI: 10.1002/jrs.5415, 2018
    2. Label-free spectrochemical probe for determination of hemoglobin glycation in clinical blood samples
      Pandey R, Singh SP, Zhang C, Horowitz GL, Lue N, Galindo L, Dasari RR, Barman I
      Journal of Biophotonics, e201700397, 2018
    3. Polyindole/CdS nanocomposite based turn-on, multi-ion fluorescence sensor for detection of Cr3+, Fe3+ and Sn2+ ions
      Faraz M, Abbasi A, Naqvi FK, Khare N, Prasad R, Barman I, Pandey R
      Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical, 269, 195-202, 2018
    4. Raman spectroscopy for the diagnosis of intratubular triamterene crystallization
      Sperati CJ, Zhang C, Delsante M, Gupta R, Bagnasco S, Barman I
      Kidney International Reports, DOI: 10.1016/j.ekir.2018.03.010, 2018
    5. Differential diagnosis of otitis media with effusion using label-free Raman spectroscopy: a pilot study
      Pandey R*, Zhang C*, Kang JW, Desai PM, Dasari RR, Barman I, Valdez TA
      Journal of Biophotonics, e201700259, 2018
    6. Label-free Raman spectroscopy provides early determination and precise localization of breast cancer-colonized bone alterations
      Zhang C*, Winnard Jr. PT*, Dasari S, Kominsky SL, Doucet M, Jayaraman S, Raman V, Barman I
      Chemical Science, 9, 743 – 753, 2018
    7. Painting and heating: A non-conventional, scalable route to sensitive biomolecular analysis with plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy
      Huang Z, Siddhanta S, Zhang C, Kickler T, Zheng G, Barman I
      Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 48, 1365–1374, 2017
    8. Label-free characterization of UV radiation-induced changes in skin fibroblasts with Raman spectroscopy and quantitative phase microscopy
      Singh SP, Kang S, Kang JW, So PTC, Dasari RR, Yaqoob Z, Barman I
      Scientific Reports, 7, 10829, 2017
    9. Mechanical trap surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for three-dimensional surface molecular imaging of single live cells
      Jin Q*, Li M*, Polat B, Paidi SK, Dai A, Zhang A, Pagaduan JV, Barman I, Gracias D
      Angewandte Chemie Intl. Ed., 56(14): 3822-3826, 2017 (Frontispiece article)
    10. Noninvasive monitoring of blood glucose with Raman spectroscopy
      Pandey R, Paidi SK, Valdez TA, Zhang C, Spegazzini N, Dasari RR, Barman I
      Accounts of Chemical Research, 50(2), 264–272, 2017
    11. Organ-specific isogenic metastatic breast cancer cell lines exhibit distinct Raman spectral signatures and metabolomes
      Winnard Jr PT, Zhang C, Vesuna F, Kang JW, Garry J, Dasari RR, Barman I, Raman V
      Oncotarget, 8(12), 20266-20287, 2017
    12. Objective identification of dental abnormalities with multispectral fluorescence imaging
      Singh SP, Fält P, Barman I, Koistinen A, Dasari RR, Kullaa AM
      Journal of Biophotonics, 10(10), 1279-1286, 2017
    13. Label-free Raman spectroscopy detects stromal adaptations in pre-metastatic lungs primed by breast cancer
      Paidi SK, Rizwan A, Zheng C, Cheng M, Glunde K, Barman I
      Cancer Research, 77(2), 247-256, 2017
    14. Exploring morphological and biochemical linkages in fungal growth with label-free light sheet microscopy and Raman spectroscopy
      Siddhanta S, Paidi SK, Bushley K, Prasad R, Barman I
      ChemPhysChem, 18, 72-78, 2017 (Journal Back Cover) (Highlighted as “Top Article” by Angewandte Chemie)
    15. Leveraging the attributes of Mucor hiemalis-derived silver nanoparticles for a synergistic broad-spectrum antimicrobial platform
      Aziz N, Pandey R, Barman I*, Prasad R*
      Frontiers in Microbiology, DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.01984
    16. Ultrahigh affinity Raman probe for targeted live cell imaging of prostate cancer
      Li M, Ray S, Zheng C, Pomper MG, Barman I
      Chemical Science, 7, 6779 – 6785, 2016
    17. Rapid identification of biotherapeutics with label-free Raman spectroscopy
      Paidi S, Siddhanta S, Strouse R, McGivney JB, Larkin C, Barman I
      Analytical Chemistry, 88(8), 4361–4368, 2016
    18. Real-time fingerprinting of structural isomers using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
      Ashwin Kumar M, Anubham SK, Paidi SK, Barman I*, Manoj Kumar G*
      Analyst, 141, 3077-3083, 2016
    19. Integration of protein tethering in a rapid and label-free SERS screening platform for drugs of abuseCC052058_IBC_PUBLICITY-2
      Siddhanta S, Wróbel M, Barman I
      Chemical Communications, 52, 9016-9019, 2016 (Journal Back Cover)
    20. An impediment to random walk: Trehalose microenvironment drives preferential endocytic uptake of plasmonic nanoparticles
      Siddhanta S, Zheng C, Narayana C, Barman I
      Chemical Science, 7, 3730-3736, 2016
    21. Non-invasive detection of inflammatory changes in white adipose tissue by label-free Raman spectroscopy
      Haka AS, Sue E, Zhang C, Bhardwaj P, Sterling J, Carpenter C, Leonard M, Manzoor M, Walker J, Aleman JO, Gareau D, Holt PR, Breslow JL, Zhou XK, Giri D, Morrow M, Iyengar N, Barman I, Hudis CA, Dannenberg AJ
      Analytical Chemistry, 88(4), 2140-8, 2016
    22. Pursuing shell-isolated nanoparticle-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SHINERS) for concomitant detection of breast lesions and microcalcifications
      Zheng C, Shao W, Paidi SK, Han B, Fu T, Wu D, Bi L, Xu W, Fan Z, Barman I
      Nanoscale, 7, 16960 – 16968, 2015
    23. Facile Algae-Derived Route to Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Antibacterial and Photocatalytic Properties
      Aziz N, Faraz M, Pandey R, Shakir M, Fatma T, Varma A, Barman I, Prasad R
      Langmuir, 31(42), 11605-12, 2015
    24. Revealing the trehalose mediated inhibition of protein aggregation through lysozyme–silver nanoparticle interaction
      Siddhanta S, Barman I, Narayana C
      Soft Matter, 11, 7241-7249, 2015
    25. Discerning the differential molecular pathology of proliferative middle ear lesions using Raman spectroscopy
      Pandey R*, Paidi SK*, Kang JW, Spegazzini N, Dasari RR, Valdez TA, Barman I
      Scientific Reports, 5:13305, 2015
    26. Less is more: Avoiding the LIBS dimensionality curse through judicious feature selection for explosive detection
      Ashwin Kumar M*, Spegazzini N*, Zhang C, Anubham SA, Dasari RR, Barman I, Manoj Kumar G
      Scientific Reports, 5:13169, 2015
    27. Engineering tailored nanoparticles with microbes: quo vadis?
      Prasad R, Pandey R, Barman I
      Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIREs): Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology, 2015 (in press) (Invited Paper)
    28. Multiplexed detection of serological cancer markers with plasmon-enhanced Raman spectro-immunoassay
      Li M, Kang JW, Sukumar S, Dasari RR, Barman I
      Chemical Science, 6, 3906 – 3914, 2015 (Edge Article)
    29. Raman spectroscopic sensing of carbonate intercalation in breast microcalcifications at stereotactic biopsy
      Sathyavathi R, Saha A, Soares JS, Spegazzini N, McGee S, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M, Barman I
      Scientific Reports, 5:9907, 2015.
    30. Multi-color reflectance imaging of middle ear pathology in vivoABC journal cover
      Valdez T, Spegazzini N, Pandey R, Longo K, Grindle C, Peterson D, Barman I
      Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 407(12):3277-83, 2015. (Journal Front Cover)
    31. Emerging Trends in Optical Sensing of Alternate Glycemic Markers for Diabetes Monitoring
      Pandey R, Dingari NC, Spegazzini N, Dasari RR, Horowitz GH, Barman I.
      Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 64, 100-108, 2015.
    32. Shedding light on extinction-enhancement duality in gold nanostar-enhanced Raman spectroscopy 
      Li M, Kang JW, Dasari RR, Barman I.
      Angewandte Chemie Intl. Ed., 126(51):14339-14343, 2014.
    33. Spectroscopic approach for dynamic bioanalyte tracking with minimal concentration information
      Barman I*, Spegazzini N*, Dingari NC*, Pandey R, Soares JS, Ozaki Y, Dasari RR.
      Scientific Reports, 4:7013, 2014.
    34. Multi-wavelength fluorescence otoscope for video-rate chemical imaging of middle ear pathology
      Valdez T, Pandey R, Spegazzini N, Longo K, Roehm C, Dasari RR, Barman I.
      Analytical Chemistry, 86(20):10454-60, 2014.
    35. Non-gated laser induced breakdown spectroscopy provides a powerful segmentation tool on concomitant treatment of characteristic and continuum emission
      Ashwin Kumar M, Dingari NC, Dasari RR, Barman I, Manoj Kumar G.
      PLOS ONE, 9(8): e103546, 2014.
    36. Anatomy of noise in quantitative biological Raman spectroscopy
      Smulko JM, Dingari NC, Soares JS, Barman I.
      Bioanalysis, 6(3), 411-421, 2014.
    37. Label-free route to rapid, nanoscale characterization of cellular structure and dynamics through opaque media
      Barman I*, Joshi B*, Dingari NC*, Cardenas N*, Soares JS, Dasari RR, Mohanty S.
      Scientific Reports, 3:2822, 2013.
    38. A facile and real-time spectroscopic method for biofluid analysis in point-of-care diagnostics
      Kumar R, Singh GP, Barman I, Dingari NC, Nabi G.
      Bioanalysis, 5(15), 1853-1861, 2013.
    39. Diagnostic power of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for targeted detection of breast lesions with microcalcifications
      Barman I*, Soares JS*, Dingari NC*, Volynskaya Z, Liu W, Klein N, Plecha D, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M.
      Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA , 110(2): 471–476, 2013.
    40. Application of Raman spectroscopy to identify microcalcifications and underlying breast lesions at stereotactic core needle biopsies
      Barman I, Dingari NC, Saha A, McGee S, Galindo L, Liu W, Plecha D, Klein N, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M.
      Cancer Research, 73, 3206-3215, 2013.
    41. Towards the development of Raman spectroscopy as a non-perturbative on-line monitoring tool for gasoline adulteration
      Tan KM, Barman I, Dingari NC, Singh GP, Chia TF, Lim CS and Tok WL.
      Analytical Chemistry, 85 (3), 1846–1851, 2013.
    42. Selective sampling using confocal Raman spectroscopy provides enhanced specificity for urinary bladder cancer diagnosis
      Barman I, Dingari NC, Singh GP, Kumar R, Lang S, Nabi G.
      Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 404(10), 3091-9, 2012.
    43. Investigation of noise-induced instabilities in quantitative biological spectroscopy and its implications for non-invasive glucose monitoring
      Barman I, Dingari NC, Singh GP, Soares JS, Dasari RR, Smulko J.
      Analytical Chemistry, 84(19), 8149-8156, 2012.
    44. Raman spectroscopy provides a powerful, rapid diagnostic tool for the detection of tuberculous meningitis in ex vivocerebrospinal fluid samples
      Ravulapalli S, Dingari NC, Barman I, Prasad PSR, Prabhakar S, Rao DN, Dasari RR, Jayanthi U.
      Journal of Biophotonics, 6(8), 567-572, 2013.
    45. Development of Raman spectroscopic classification algorithms for lesion discrimination in stereotactic breast biopsies with microcalcifications
      Dingari NC, Barman I, Saha A, McGee S, Galindo L, Liu W, Plecha D, Klein N, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M.
      Journal of Biophotonics, 4, 371-381, 2013. (Journal Front Cover)
    46. Precision of Raman spectroscopy measurements in detection of microcalcifications in breast needlJournal-Covere biopsies
      Saha A, Barman I, Dingari NC, Galindo L, Sattar A, Liu W, Plecha D, Klein N, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M
      Analytical Chemistry, 84(15), 6715-6722, 2012. 
    47. Raman spectroscopy provides a powerful diagnostic tool for accurate determination of glycated albumin for long-term diabetes monitoring
      Dingari NC, Horowitz GL, Kang JW, Dasari RR, Barman I
      Public Library of Science (PLoS) One , 7(2), e32406, 2012. 
    48. Raman spectroscopy based sensitive and specific detection of glycated hemoglobin
      Barman I*, Dingari NC*, Kang JW, Horowitz GL, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Analytical Chemistry, 84(5), 2474-2482, 2012.
    49. Incorporation of support vector machines in the LIBS toolbox for sensitive and robust classification amidst unexpected sample and system variability
      Dingari NC*, Barman I*, Ashwin Kumar M, Tewari SP, Manoj Kumar G
      Analytical Chemistry, 84(6), 2686-2694, 2012.
    50. Portable Optical Fiber Probe-Based Spectroscopic Scanner for Rapid Cancer Diagnosis: A New Tool for Intraoperative Margin Assessment
      Lue N, Kang JW, Yu CC, Barman I, Dingari NC, Feld MS, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M
      Public Library of Science (PLoS) One , 7(1), e30887, 2011. 
    51. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy-based investigation and classification of pharmaceutical tablets using multivariate chemometric analysis
      Ashwin Kumar M, Sreedhar S, Barman I, Dingari NC, Venugopal Rao S, Prem Kiran P, Tewari SP, Manoj Kumar G
      Talanta, 87, 53-59, 2011.
    52. A novel non-imaging optics based Raman spectroscopy device for disease diagnosis
      Kong CR, Barman I, Dingari NC, Kang JW, Galindo L, Dasari RR
      AIP Advances, 1, 032175, 2011.
    53. Raman spectroscopy: A real-time tool for identifying microcalcifications during stereotactic breast core needle biopsies
      Saha A, Barman I, Dingari NC, McGee S, Volynskaya Z, Galindo LH, Liu W, Plecha D, Klein N, Dasari RR, Fitzmaurice M
      Biomedical Optics Express, 2(10), 2792-2803, 2011.
    54. Combined confocal Raman and quantitative phase microscopy system for biomedical diagnosis
      Kang JW, Lue N, Kong CR, Barman I, Dingari NC, Goldfless SJ, Niles JC, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Biomedical Optics Express, 2(9), 2484-2492, 2011.
    55. Wavelength selection based non-linear calibration for transcutaneous blood glucose sensing using Raman spectroscopy
      Dingari NC*, Barman I*, Kong CR, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Journal of Biomedical Optics, 16(8), 087009, 2011.
    56. Investigation of the specificity of Raman spectroscopy in non-invasive blood glucose measurements
      Dingari NC, Barman I, Singh GP, Kang JW, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 400(9), 2871-2880, 2011.
    57. Rapid and accurate determination of tissue optical properties using least-squares support vector machines
      Barman I, Dingari NC, Tunnell JW, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Biomedical Optics Express, 2(3), 592-599, 2011.
    58. Effect of photobleaching on calibration model development in biological Raman spectroscopy
      Barman I, Kong CR, Singh GP, Dasari RR
      Journal of Biomedical Optics, 16(1), 011003, 2011.
      Also published in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, January 15, 2011
    59. Development of robust calibration models using support vector machines for spectroscopic monitoring of blood glucose
      Barman I, Kong CR, Dingari NC, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Analytical Chemistry, 82(23), 9719-9726, 2010.
    60. Optical sectioning using single plane illumination Raman imaging
      Barman I, Tan KM, Singh GP
      Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 41(10), 1099-1101, 2010.
    61. Accurate spectroscopic calibration for non-invasive glucose monitoring by modeling the physiological glucose dynamics
      Barman I*, Kong CR*, Singh GP, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Analytical Chemistry, 82(14), 6104-6114, 2010. 
    62. Static and dynamic light scattering of healthy and malaria-parasite invaded human red blood cells
      Park YK, Diez-Silva M, Fu D, Popescu G, Choi W, Barman I, Suresh S, Feld MS
      Journal of Biomedical Optics, 15(2), 020506, 2010.
    63. Turbidity corrected Raman spectroscopy for blood analyte detection
      Barman I*, Singh GP*, Dasari RR, Feld MS
      Analytical Chemistry, 81, 4233-4240, 2009.
    64. Analysis of a new combined stretch and pressure sensor for internal nodule palpation
      Barman IGuha SK
      Sensors and Actuators A: Physical
      , 125, 210-216, 2006.

* indicates authors have made equal contributions



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