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We have two primary lab facilities, located in the Latrobe Hall (Latrobe 3, 3400 N Charles St) and the Krieger Hall (Krieger 42, 3400 N Charles St).

  • The Latrobe Hall laboratory is our main laser facility, which is equipped for multi-modal microscopy and spectroscopy measurements including Raman, fluorescence, reflectance and quantitative phase contrast. The laser laboratory enables sensitive optical studies of biological materials ranging from the nano-scale to the tissue level using both endogenous and exogenous contrast.
  • The Krieger Hall facility serves as a separate wet laboratory space for complex chemical synthesis, cell culture and tissue processing with a biological hood and a fume hood. This laboratory is equipped and dedicated for the synthesis of specialized Raman and fluorescence reporters and the organic chemistry associated with conjugating them to specific cellular receptors and biomarkers.



Prof. Ishan Barman

103 Latrobe Hall,
3400 N Charles St.,
Baltimore, MD 21218-2682