Related Courses

For complete course descriptions, please review the Course Catalog.  A schedule of courses each semester can be found at Course Schedules on the Office of the Registrar’s website.


EN.553.361  Intro to Optimization
EN.553.362  Introduction to Optimization II
EN.553.371   Cryptology and Coding
EN.553.4/600  Mathematical Modeling and Consulting
EN.553.4/653   Mathematical Game Theory
EN.553.4/661   Optimization in Finance
EN.553.4/663   Network Models in Operations Research
EN.553.4/665   Introduction to Convexity
EN.553.4/693   Mathematical Image Analysis
EN.553.730   Statistical Theory
EN.553.731   Statistical Theory II
EN.553.761   Nonlinear Optimization I
EN.553.762   Nonlinear Optimization II
EN.553.764   Modeling, Simulation, and Monte Carlo
EN.553.765   Convex Optimization
EN.553.766   Combinatorial Optimization
EN.553.792   Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra
EN.553.735   Topics in Statistical Pattern Recognition

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