Related Courses

For complete course descriptions, please review the Course Catalog.  Schedule of courses each semester can be found at Course Schedules on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

EN.553.4/627   Stochastic Processes and Applications to Finance
EN.553.4/628   Stochastic Processes and Applications to Finance II
EN.553.4/629   Introduction to Research in Discrete Probability
EN.553.4/633   Monte Carlo Methods
EN.553.4/636   Data Mining
EN.553.4/639   Time Series Analysis
EN.553.4/641   Equity Markets and Quantitative Trading
EN.553.4/642   Investment Science
EN.553.4/643   Financial Computing in C++
EN.553.4/644   Introduction to Financial Derivatives
EN.553.4/645   Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives
EN.553.4/646   Risk Measurement/Management in Financial Markets
EN.553.4/648   Financial Engineering and Structured Products
EN.553.4/649   Advanced Equity Derivatives
EN.553.4/661   Optimization in Finance
EN.553.720   Probability Theory I
EN.553.721   Probability Theory II
EN.553.749   Advanced Financial Theory
EN.553.753   Commodities and Commodity Markets
EN.553.847   Financial Mathematics Masters Seminar




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