Coronavirus COVID-19 Contingency Plans for Admitted Graduate Students

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are in the process of taking steps to address uncertainties that students from affected areas are facing.  For students who wish to enroll in our program beginning in Fall 2020, but whose arrival on campus in August 2020 might be delayed due to the emergency, we are committed to taking steps that enable them to enroll and graduate from the program in the usual time frame.


  1. For students who are unable to get to our campus in time to start the program, we are prepared to
    • make key lectures and other instructional materials available online to enrolled students, once classes get underway,
    • provide for assignments to be submitted remotely,
    • make allowances for exams and quizzes,
    • set up additional office-hour time via remote connection,
    • coordinate actions so you are able to progress towards an internship and future employment upon graduation.


Here is a list of courses that will be accessible remotely: (list of courses coming soon).

  1. Students may also use the School of Engineering Home2Homewood initiative and take courses offered by the Engineering for Professionals (EP) online master’s programs. Our residential programs allows for a limited number of such courses to be taken in place of our regular courses. A list of allowed EP courses and their equivalent AMS courses can be consulted at [link coming].


Note that these courses are not directly provided by the department, and students opting for this option will not be able to transition to a residential version if their travel to the US becomes possible in the middle of the fall 2020.


  1. Students who prefer to do so may also opt for a deferred admission until spring 2021. All students admitted this fall will be granted such a deferral if they request it and are unable to travel to the US in time because of the outbreak.


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