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 For complete course descriptions, please review the Course Catalog.  A schedule of courses each semester can be found at Course Schedules on the Office of the Registrar’s website.



EN.553.111/112 Statistical Analysis I/II
EN.553.171 Discrete Mathematics
EN.553.211 Probability & Statistics for the Life Sciences
EN.553.291  Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
EN.553.310 Probability & Statistics for the Physical and Information Science
EN.553.311 Probability & Statistics for Biological Sciences and Engineering
EN.553.361 Intro to Optimization
EN.553.362 Intro to Optimization II
EN.553.371  Cryptology and Coding
EN.553.383  Scientific Computing with Python
EN.553.385  Scientific Computing: Linear Algebra
EN.553.386  Scientific Computing: Differential Equations
EN.553.388  Scientific Computing: Differential Equations in Vector Spaces
EN.553.391   Dynamical Systems
EN.553.4/616   Introduction to Statistical Learning, Data Analysis and Signal Processing
EN.553.4/620 Introduction to Probability
EN.553.4/630   Introduction to Statistics
EN.553.4/633   Monte Carlo Methods
EN.553.4/643   Financial Computing in C++
EN.553.4/650   Computational Molecular Medicine
EN.553.4/692   Mathematical Biology
EN.553.4/693   Mathematical Image Analysis
EN.553.6/781   Numerical Analysis
EN.553.730   Statistical Theory
EN.553.731   Statistical Theory II
EN.553.735   Topics in Statistical Pattern Recognition
EN.553.761   Nonlinear Optimization I
EN.553.762  Nonlinear Optimization II
EN.553.764   Modeling, Simulation, and Monte Carlo
EN.553.790  Topics In Applied Math
EN.553.792   Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra
EN.553.793   Turbulence Theory



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