The Hopkins Engineering Alumni Spotlight Recognition program will begin accepting applications this coming fall. Check back here for more details after September 2022.

Who are we looking for?

Any alumni who have graduated more than ten years ago, regardless of whether they are working in an engineering field, and have made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following ways:
  • Impactful or innovative accomplishment in their chosen field.
  • Advanced the impact of engineering through research and/or professional efforts.
  • Reflects and is parallel to the values and mission of the Whiting School
  • Affects positive change within their own community or the greater world.

Nominees should meet the following standards and possess one or more of the following qualities:

  • Through their work or research are pioneering engineering techniques or a good representative of professional excellence in their chosen field.
  • Their work or research shows a connection to the education they received at Whiting.
  • Their work or research would be inspirational to our current students and Alumni.
  • Their work or research has a tangible, positive effect on their local or broader community.
  • Their work or research has a measurable benefit to their field and/or leaves a lasting legacy.

How honorees may be spotlighted:

  • Featured on the engineering website and associated social media accounts.
  • Highlighted in an upcoming issue of our WSE Alumni Newsletter and/or WSE Magazine.
  • Invited to participate as a special guest speaker in a virtual or in-person event that is open to students and alumni.

Nominate a Hopkins Engineer

Help us recognize and celebrate exciting Whiting School of Engineering alumni by submitting a nomination! Any engineering alumni can be nominated to the program by a member of the engineering community.

2021 Cohort

  • Aaron Baughman

    Aaron Baughman, MS ’07

    Aaron K. Baughman is a distinguished engineer (technical executive) and 3x master inventor within IBM Interactive Experience, leading AI on hybrid cloud. He has worked with ESPN, US Open Tennis, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open, the Masters Tournament, USGA, GRAMMYS, Tony Awards, Fox Sports, Watson Jeopardy!, Blizzard’s Overwatch and classified US government agencies.

  • Maeve Garigan

    Maeve Garigan BS '01, MA '08

    Maeve Garigan is the founder and CEO of Roper, a technology company focused on advanced wireless communications and wearables. Before founding Roper, she was a technology advisor and lead engineer for elite military commands, specializing in robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence, and mobility systems.

  • Paul Jaffe

    Paul Jaffe, MS ’07

    Paul Jaffe is an electronics engineer and researcher with more than 25 years of experience at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). He has led or held major roles on dozens of space missions and on breakthrough technology development projects for civilian, defense, and intelligence community sponsors.

  • Tara Johnson

    Tara Johnson BS ’02, MD ’11

    Tara Johnson is a child neurologist and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, with special interests in neurodevelopmental disorders in infants and children.

  • John Paul Laverde

    John Paul Laverde, MS ’18

    John Paul Laverde is a senior business development manager with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) research team, where he assists academic researchers in identifying ways to use cloud technologies to enhance their scientific research.