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Engineering Human Health

Engineering Human Health

Working with Hopkins Robotics experts and specialists at JHU’s Wilmer Eye Institute, Jin Kang, the Jacob Suter Jammer Professor of Electrical Engineering, uses fiber optics sensing/imaging technology to develop “smart” surgical tools that could improve the accuracy and safety of delicate retinal microsurgery.

We will lead collaborations among Johns Hopkins University divisions, industry, and government agencies, leveraging the Whiting School of Engineering’s tremendous strengths in bioengineering, information sciences, data analytics, and systems engineering in order to unleash the promise of new technologies and solve some of today’s most pressing health care challenges.

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The future of human health exists at the interface of biology, medicine, and engineering. Medicine’s evolution into an information- and technologydriven discipline, combined with
Johns Hopkins’ recognized leadership in bioengineering, public health, nursing, and medicine, provide the Whiting School with unprecedented opportunities. By leading multidisciplinary collaborations that span the university, the Whiting School has the potential to advance dramatically our ability to diagnose and treat disease, identify public health trends, and improve the delivery, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care on a global scale.

Whiting School experts in computer science and applied mathematics and statistics will help realize the potential of recent advances in genomics through the practice of individualized health.

Others will implement a systemsengineering approach to improve our understanding of health trends, advance patient safety, and make hospital operational systems more effective and cost-efficient. We will build upon the Whiting School’s strengths in Computational Medicine, NanoBioTechnology, and medical robotics by partnering with colleagues throughout the university to increase our collective intellectual capital and capacity.

Whiting School engineers will delve further into the collaboration, research, and systems necessary to chart the course for a healthier future.

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