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The Next Century

What will the next century of Johns Hopkins Engineering bring? Our engineers share their visions for the future in a series of short video interviews.


Dennice Gayme, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, envisions how the U.S. power system will change as more renewable energy is introduced into the grid. One possibility: People will use electric cars, but they may need to schedule how and when they power them.


Associate Professor of Computer Science Jason Eisner predicts a world in which our super-smart devices can do more than give us access to information. These devices, responding in nearly any language, will understand what we are interested in and lead us to new information.


Sanjeev Khudanpur, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, foresees a next generation of machines that can make decisions and think for themselves. He expects advances in sensors and computational abilities to lead to machines that essentially operate themselves.

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