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Engineering Faculty Assembly: By-Laws of the Faculty of Engineering

(Adopted September 28, 1979)



Section 1. The title of this organization shall be the Faculty of Engineering.

Section 2. The role of this organization shall be to provide a forum for the faculty to discuss and make decisions concerning matters pertaining to the purposes and functioning of the School of Engineering.



Section 1. Membership is automatically held by those who have full-time appointments as instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor or professor emeritus in the School of Engineering, or such an appointment in another division of the University with a joint appointment in a department or program in the School of Engineering.

Section 2. Membership may be conferred on other members of the University by a majority vote.

Section 3. Membership terminates when the conditions specified for holding or conferring it cease.



Section 1. The Chairperson shall be the Dean of Engineering. A Steering Committee consisting of three elected members of the faculty shall constitute the other officers. That member of the Steering Committee who has seniority on the Committee shall be the Vice-Chairperson. All members of the organization with full-time appointments in the School of Engineering shall be eligible for election to the Steering Committee. One member of the Committee shall be elected during the fall semester of each academic year for a three-year term in such a manner that the terms of the members of the Steering Committee are staggered.

Section 2. The Vice-Chairperson, with the assistance of the other members of the Steering Committee, shall be responsible for calling the meeting, for preparing the agenda for the meeting, and for making the agenda available to all members at least two weeks before each meeting. The Vice-Chairperson and the Steering Committee may be delegated such other duties as the membership deems appropriate. The staff assistance needed for the proper performance of the duties of the Chairperson and Steering Committee shall be provided by the Dean of Engineering. The minutes of meetings will be distributed within four weeks of a meeting.

Section 3. At the first meeting of each fall semester, nominations for the expected vacancy on the Steering committee will be requested from the floor. No later than seven days after this meeting, the Dean of Engineering will distribute ballots to the members of the Faculty, indicting that ballots are to be returned no later than seven days from the date of distribution. Ballots will be canvassed by a committee consisting of the Dean and one member of the Steering committee, usually the Vice-Chairman. Tie votes will be decided by a toss of a coin. Unexpected vacancies will be filled by the same election procedure. Simultaneous vacancies will be filled by a single exercise of the procedure with seniority determined by vote count.



Section 1. The Faculty of Engineering shall regularly meet twice each semester at times set by the Steering Committee. The first meeting each semester will be held within the first four weeks of the semester. The Dean of Engineering shall preside at this first meeting each semester. If the Dean is unable to attend, the Vice-Chairperson shall preside. The Vice-Chairperson shall preside at the second meeting each semester. When, however, in the opinion of the Steering Committee there is insufficient business to justify convening the Faculty, the second meeting of the semester may be canceled by notice to all members.

Section 2. At any time during the regular academic year, the Faculty of Engineering may be convened in additional meetings by the Steering Committee, or by written petition signed by ten members of the Faculty and submitted to the Vice-Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall preside at additional meeting.

Section 3. The Faculty of Engineering is empowered, directly or through its Steering Committee, to appoint committees. These may be standing committees; or ad hoc committees studying specific issues and reporting to the Faculty at a future meeting.

Section 4. Any member of the Faculty of Engineering may submit to the Vice-Chairperson items for inclusion on the agenda.

Section 5. The minutes of each meeting shall be deemed approved when each member of the Faculty of Engineering has been sent a copy and no one has moved for a correction before or during the next meeting.

Section 6. Any recommendation to any official or agency of the University shall have the official approval of the Faculty of Engineering when it has been included in substance on the agenda for the meeting and has been approved by a majority of the members present. For purposes of making decisions or adopting formal resolutions, one quarter of the members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 7. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the official parliamentary procedure in all matters not otherwise specified in these By-Laws.



Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended provided that the specific wording of the proposal is included on the agenda for the meeting in which two-thirds of the members present approve it. Any alteration in the wording of the proposed amendment, other than stylistic changes, requires that it again be placed on the agenda for consideration at a future meeting.

Section 2. Proposed amendments may be placed on the agenda by the Steering Committee, or by committees appointed by it or appointed by the Faculty of Engineering, or by written petition signed by ten or more members and presented to the Vice-Chairperson at least two weeks before the meeting at which they are to be acted on.


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