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RX Solutions Micro Computed Tomography

The RX Solutions EasyTom 150/160 µCT is a flexible imaging system that can support both large area scans and high resolution scans.  The system is equipped with complementary high power sealed microfocus 150 kV X-ray source and an open nanofocus 160 kV X-ray source.  The system has interchangeable Flat panel and CCD detectors.  The sample is rotated up to 360 degrees during data acquisition, and the system is kept stable thru the use of a granite base with air pods.  Ultimate resolution is 300 nm.  An in-situ Deben tensile and compression stage can also be used for dynamic experiments with up to 5 kN of force.

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Location: Olin Hall 142

 Manufacturer: RX Solutions







Location: Olin Hall 142

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