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Philips X’Pert PW 3040 Powder X-ray Diffractometer

The XRD (Powder) system is used for determination and quantification of composition and crystallographic orientation of powder and film samples.


Location: Maryland Hall 45 (basement level)

Contact information for training: Please contact Phil Chapman ([email protected]) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Reservations: iLab reservation system (Click Here).

Starting iLabs session:


Manufacturer & Model: Philips X’Pert PW 3040 Powder

XRD Data Collection Program: Panalytical Data Collector – version 4

XRD Data Analysis Program: MDI (Materials Data Inc.) Jade 9 for XRD

Capabilities and Options: Samples are mounted flat to slides or to zero background holders that provide little scattering for analysis. Often these samples are continuous materials with a flat exposed surfaces or they are materials that are crushed into fine powder for analysis.