The MCP will continue to add equipment and expand the capabilities of the instruments available for use. Tools to look forward to, some slated to arrive within the next year, include:

An image of the equipment which is encased in a large, box-shaped plastic structure.

JEOL Grand ARM2 TEM with:
STEM Cs-Corrected 300 kV
Dual EDX
EELSContinuum ER  K3 camera
IDES EDM, Luminary Micro, Relativity
Direct Electron Detector
NanoMegas SPED
Liquid He Cryo Holder
Arriving July, 2022
Location: Room G73B Stieff




The F200 is a large tube-shaped structure atop a curved desk with two computer monitors.

JEOL F200 TEM with:
STEM 200 kV
Dual EDX
EELS Quantum with K2 camera
IDES EDM, Relativity
NanoMegas SPED
Arriving May, 2022
Location: Room G71A Stieff






The IT 700 is a box-shaped structure, about waist high, with a tube-shaped structure on top. It's connected to a small desk with a computer monitor and keyboard.JEOL JSM IT700 SEM with:
Internal Laser
Arriving August, 2022
Location: Room G71B Stieff





Also: In Fall 2022… Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacture and Magnetron Sputtering Thin Film deposition
Location: Room G78B Stieff