A photo of the Bruker XRD

The MCP is home to the newly installed Bruker Advance D8 Powder X-ray Diffractometer (XRD). The D8 ADVANCE allows for simple execution of common XRPD methods including:

  • Identification of both crystalline and amorphous phases and determination of specimen purity
  • Quantitative analysis of both crystalline and amorphous phases in multi-phase mixtures
  • Microstructure analysis (crystallite size, microstrain, disorder…)
  • Bulk residual stress resulting from thermal treatment or machining in manufactured components
  • Texture (preferred orientation) analysis

Additionally, the D8 is capable of characterizing thin films and coats with the following processes and capabilities:

  • Grazing incidence diffraction
  • X-Ray Reflectometry
  • High-resolution X-ray diffraction
  • Reciprocal space mapping

Location: Room G78A Stieff