Electric Fish Charges up Research on Animal Behavior

December 15, 2015

An electric eel can generate enough current to stun its prey, just like a Taser. Weakly electric fish can also generate electricity but not enough to do any harm. “Weakly electric fish are unique in that they produce and detect electric fields. They use these electric fields in social communication and to detect objects,” explains […]


August 28, 2013

Johns Hopkins undergrads and their families celebrate First-Year Move-In Day 2013 on the Homewood campus.. #GoHop!

Shaking Things Up!

August 19, 2013

Earthquakes never occur when you need one, so a team led by Johns Hopkins structural engineers shook up a building themselves in the name of science and safety.

Generosity = Scholarships

July 12, 2013

Johns Hopkins undergraduates describe how scholarships helped change the direction of their lives.

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