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Assistant Professor Martin Ulmschneider’s article receives high regard

December 9, 2016

Assistant professor Martin Ulmschneider‘s article, entitled Spontaneous formation of structurally diverse membrane channel architectures from a single antimicrobial peptide, on experimentally guided molecular dynamic simulations to understand the ability to produce spontaneous pore assembly and structurally diverse membrane channel architectures. Professor Ulmschneider collaborated with Yukun Wang, Charles H. Chen, Dan Hu, and Jakob P. Ulmschneider on […]

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Professor Evan Ma makes 2016 Highly Cited Researchers List

November 30, 2016

Thomson Reuters has released its annual list of leading researchers in the sciences and social sciences from around the world. This marks the third time Professor Evan Ma has been featured on this list. The  2016 Highly Cited Researchers list includes 13 Johns Hopkins University scientists whose publications are among the top one percent in […]

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Kalina Hristova

WSE In The News
JHU Engineering: All Lit Up

July 5, 2016

Kalina Hristova and her team have now come up with a fluorescence-based technique that allows them to precisely measure receptor interactions in living cells.

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