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Seth Guikema

Project Aims to Help Mid-Atlantic Combat Hurricanes, Heat Waves

October 29, 2013

The National Science Foundation has awarded Seth Guikema, an assistant professor of geography and environmental engineering at Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering, a $3 million grant to build a program that will determine the effect of repeated hurricanes and heat waves on the Mid-Atlantic region and suggest ways to improve the region’s ability to withstand them.

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  • Ph.D. 1983, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.S. 1979, University of California, Berkeley
  • A.B. 1977, Harvard University
Research Areas
  • Topology Optimization under Uncertainties
  • Earthquake Engineering, Structural dynamics and acoustics
  • Systems Science Methods in: Obesity, Disaster Preparedness, Auto-immune Disorders, Public Health Intervention Implementation, School-Based Mental Health
  • 2001:  Robert B. Pond - Sr. Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 1997:  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Invitational Fellowship
  • 1995:  Engineering Teacher of the Year - Northwestern University
  • 1988:  NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award


Journal Articles
  • Jalalpour, M., Guest, J., Igusa, T. (2014).  Erratum to “Reliability-based topology optimization of trusses with stochastic stiffness”[Struct. Saf. 43 (2013) 41–49].  Structural Safety.  48.  65.
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Book Chapters
  • Guest, J., Asadpoure, A., Igusa, T. (2010).  A Multi-Mesh Strategy for Continuum Topology Optimization under Correlated Uncertainties.  13th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis Optimization Conference.
Conference Proceedings
  • Liu, Z., Jalalpour, M., Jacques, C., Szyniszewski, S., Mitrani-Reiser, J., Guest, J., Igusa, T., Schafer, B. (2012).  Interfacing Building Response with Human Behavior Under Seismic Events.
  • Liu, Z., Jalalpour, M., Jacques, C., Szyniszewski, S., Mitrani-Reiser, J., Guest, J., Igusa, T., Schafer, B. (2012).  Interfacing Building Response with Human Behavior Under Seismic Events.  15 WCEE.
  • Liu, Z., Jacques, C., Jalalpour, M., Szyniszewski, S., Adleber, J., Guest, J., Igusa, T., Schafer, B., Mitrani-Reiser, J. (2012).  Seismic evacuation model accounting for human-structure interaction.  Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Evacuation Modeling and Management.  1–11.
  • CORR, D., Brady, L., Igusa, T., DER KIUREGHIAN, A. (2003).  Reliability of Service Life Predictions for Concrete under Sulfate.  Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering.  525-532.
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