Former Graduate Student Dr. Daniel Beltran wins 2014 Victor K. LaMer Award

The Victor K. LaMer award is given to an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in colloid and surface chemistry accepted by a US or Canadian University within the last three years. Dr. Daniel Beltran won this prestigious award for his doctoral thesis supervised by Professor Michael Bevan on the use of energy and diffusivity landscapes to measure colloidal interactions and to model colloidal dynamic behavior.

Dr. Beltran will give the LaMer Plenary lecture at the ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium this summer.

Former Graduate Student Dr. Sumedh R. Risbud wins Corrsin-Kovasznay Outstanding Paper Award

The “Corrsin-Kovasznay Outstanding Paper Award” recognizes a young JHU scholar who is “lead author” of a recent paper in fluid mechanics for the work’s excellence, originality and potential impact.

Dr. Sumedh R. Risbud won this award for his paper:  “Trajectory and distribution of suspended non-Brownian particles moving past a fixed spherical or cylindrical obstacle” and published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics with German Drazer.

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Dr. Zachary Gagnon Receives NSF’s Early CAREER Award

Zachary Gagnon, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, has been selected by the National Science Foundation to receive its prestigious CAREER Award, which recognizes the high level of promise and excellence in early stage scholars.

The five-year grant of nearly $500,000 will support Gagnon’s work to develop inexpensive and portable biosensors for rapid, sensitive and label-free multiplexed biomolecular detection. Specifically, Gagnon’s work will focus on the development of novel electrokinetic biosensors for biomolecular detection at liquid interfaces. This work, a step toward miniaturizing biosensing systems and making them quicker, less expensive and easier to use, has important applications in preventing disease in developing countries, as well as potential applications in environmental monitoring, biowarefare/anti-terrorism work, point-of-care diagnostic testing and basic biological research.

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