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Rising to the Challenge with Dean T.E. "Ed" Schlesinger

Dean Schlesinger outlines his priorities for Rising to the Challenge: the Campaign for Johns Hopkins.

Educating for Leadership

Hannah Bands '13 received the 2013 Lucien Bush Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering. She will pursue her PhD in the fall.

Leveraging Data to Knowledge

Graduate student Kel Guerin helped develop the Balaur Wall, a high-tech, collaborative data visualization and analysis tool.

Engineering Human Health

Jin Kang develops smart surgical tools that improve human dexterity.

Improving Global Well-Being and Security

Hopkins Engineers are looking at some of the basic issues raised by protective materials, including the concrete in blast walls.

Innovating for Our Future

The Whiting School of Engineering is a world leader in engineering research and education. Whether we are improving our ability to diagnose and treat cancer, averting the global water crisis, building earthquake-resistant structures, or better understanding energy markets, our engineers, working collaboratively and across disciplines, are providing the technologies and systems approaches that these global challenges demand.

Supported by alumni and friends, we are poised and committed to advance our school, our university, and the field of engineering in innovative and exciting ways.

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Your gift will help us establish new professorships and scholarships, enhance programs and facilities, and facilitate collaborations across the university to support four strategic priorities:

  1. Educating for Leadership
  2. Leveraging Data to Knowledge
  3. Engineering Human Health
  4. Improving Global Well-Being and Security
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